Guide to Women’s Fashion in 1950s

50s fashion

Women’s fashion of the 1950s represented a complicated combination of conservatism and glamour. The coolness of the girl next door could combine with a sexy femininity. As mentioned on the fifties web, the hourglass figure dominated the motto of the 1950s. It means that it refers to the conservative look of leading designers. A new sense of casual wear emerged as women increasingly began wearing shorts, sportswear, and off-the-shoulder summer dresses. This article has summarized further information about this issue. If you are interested in discovering the 50s fashion, you should read more here.

50s outfit

Historical Story

In the 1950s, economic incomes spawned a new consumerist society and allowed a family to live comfortably on one income. Girls who had received factory jobs during World War II quit or were laid off. Trying to maintain a conventional simplicity, the homemaker became the feminine ideal of the era. While the suburban lifestyle may seem mundane to some and restrictive to women, one must remember that people had lived in fear of poverty for twenty years. As dates changed, so did entertainment, which influenced trends and portrayed fashionable housewives.

Outfit Style

Clothing styles during the war years featured dull colors, square shoulders, and minimal use of fabrics and embellishments due to wartime restrictions. The New Look brought a new opulence and vision of femininity. For instance, at that time, huge skirts needed the support of nylon mesh underskirts. It means that the outfit style is developing throughout time. Therefore, women could bring several changes in their fashion.

Skirts Style

Tailored dresses had a very feminine look, with narrow waists and accentuated shoulders. For everyday, casual occasions, a wide skirt was worn without large crinolines for a soft, draped look. Shirt dresses, often worn by TV housewives, are a popular choice for more exaggerated designs. Also, halter dresses are a casual option for the beach or barbecues and summer parties. From stripes to floral patterns, prints generally appeared in colors on a white background. Therefore, it could show the feminine side of the women.

Fabric Style

New advances in mass production have made it possible to make more clothes faster and in larger quantities than ever before. As the production process increased, clothing became cheaper, and ready-to-wear manufacturers rushed to replicate high fashion designs. Cotton was a popular option for summer garments, dacron, and rayon, along with their wrinkle-free textures, reduced ironing. New fabric blends included bi-directional materials that provided figure control in swimwear. Thus, artificial fibers and blends reduced the wool industry’s market share at that time.

Accessories Style

50s hat styleA well-dressed woman wore a hat outside the home for all but the most casual occasions. Short tops accompanied matching or flashy dresses and were worn for countless decades. The new-look appeared under wide-brimmed, garden-style hats. But by the 1950s, smaller vases were often hung. Smaller vases, adorned with veils, were popular and came in various colors, often pastels for spring and summer.

Eyeglasses became a fashion statement and featured new designs, such as the kitten eye style with flared, pointed rims. Frames were available in a wide range of colors. Vinyl pop beads became a popular costume accessory. High heels worn for elegant occasions had curved toes, often with pointed toes. But a new sense of comfort was making its way into women’s footwear. Therefore, women tend to look feminine in this era.


A well-dressed girl wore several undergarments, such as a bra and blouse. A bra included wrist support and helped create the hourglass figure that became the style of the era. For casual wear, some women wore socks with pants. It could still represent the feminity style. Besides, women wore camisoles to look good in a variety of styles. A bodice could easily sit at the waist or just at the waist. Therefore, they could look sexy as they want.…