The Christopher K. Jarvi HELPING HANDS grant focuses on strengthening youth, residents and community through supporting community-based organizations. Named after the founding Executive Director of the Anaheim Community Foundation, the Helping Hands grant honors the memory of Chris Jarvi, who passed away April 22, 2013. He was a strong advocate for youth and the Anaheim Community.

Through the Christopher K. Jarvi Helping Hands grant, Anaheim residents have the opportunity to lend a helping hand by donating to Anaheim Community Foundation. Look for information on the Helping Hands program in your utility bill to make a donation. Your donation ensures worthwhile programs continue for arts and culture, safe and healthy youth, seniors, libraries, nature and emergency assistance. Of course, you can always make a donation online. For information on making a donation, call the Anaheim Community Foundation at 765-4419.

The Foundation’s funding priorities include:
Helping residents in need
Engaging at-risk youth
Promoting healthy living
Arts, culture and learning
Emergency assistance
The Foundation gives special consideration to applicants demonstrating a multiple agency approach to problem solving, and/or augment the requested Helping Hands grant with matching dollars and volunteer labor.

Helping Hands Applications will be accepted through March 13, 2015.

Helping Hands letter
Helping Hands Guidelines
Helping Hands Application